Health & Safety

Here for Health

The Here for Health committee includes representatives from both the Mater and Gladstone hospitals.

The Here for Health Committee was formed in February 2013, and over the last 22 months, has created a positive change in our local health services.

Early this year, the committee released the ‘One Gladstone Health Plan’. This plan was the first of its kind in Australia and was developed through intensive analysis of data from both public and private health sectors. The plan identified the key areas of need for health services in Gladstone.

Out of this plan, the committee has worked to recruit seven new specialists to Gladstone, identify synergies, and improve collaboration and resource sharing between the Mater and Gladstone hospitals. Having these specialists available locally has greatly improved quality of life for many members of the community. Not only does it instil confidence in the community, but within the medical profession by attracting other specialists to the region.

Attracting medical professionals and interns alike, is another key objective for the committee who have developed the Hello Gladstone website to support those making the move to the region.

The strength of relationships between the health service providers and community leaders has not only seen improvement across many areas of health services, but has also assisted in better informing the community regarding the challenges faced.

Here for Childcare

Specialist – Aboriginal and community relations Jacinta Halpin visits a day care centre in Gladstone.

Through the Here for Childcare programme, 12 professional development workshops have been provided in Gladstone for those working in childcare. The workshops, which have been delivered by national experts, aim to up-skill existing educators on important topics identified by the childcare industry.

The Salvation Army Family Day Care Scheme manager Fiona Foley recently stated that the Here for Childcare workshops were an integral part of the training programme delivered to programme participants throughout the year.

The Here for Childcare programme has united the childcare community in Gladstone as all forms of childcare benefit. From family day care educators to school trainees, the childcare community has embraced the assistance this programme offers and both the quality of care and the availability of care have improved.

By listening and working hand-in-hand with key stakeholders, the Here for Childcare programme has successfully eased pressure on childcare centres, and quality, accessible and flexible care is now available to more families.


Specialist – media and community relations Chris Schultz takes a local resident through the Real-time Online Community System at the QAL Community Day.

Over the years, the township of Gladstone has gradually expanded and residential areas are now much closer to the QAL refinery. This means QAL has an ever-increasing need to engage and develop relationships with its near neighbours to ensure the operation becomes more transparent and the community develops a greater understanding of what we do. The Real-time Online Community System (ROCS) was a step towards making this transition.

ROCS was rolled out in October to stakeholders living in the suburbs of Barney Point, South Gladstone, Toolooa, Boyne Island, Wurdong Heights, Quoin Island and O’Connell.

When a resident makes a complaint via ROCS, the shift controller, and Community Relations and Environment teams are immediately notified and are required to take action, where possible, to reduce the impact. Once community users have been registered in ROCS, they are also able to rate QAL’s performance on a six-monthly basis, provide feedback and access a log of scheduled activities on site that may have an impact on the community.

While some residents have already started using ROCS as their preferred method of communication with QAL, our focus in 2015 will be to undertake direct engagement with our neighbours to present this system and understand our communities' needs better.