Message from Rio Tinto Alcan, Bauxite & Alumina, chief operating officer, Armando Torres

On behalf of the Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun management team

Thanks to the gritty determination and commitment of the workforce, Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun overcame a number of challenges in 2014 that will help to stabilise the refinery and achieve 3.4 million tonne-rates safely and sustainably in 2015.

A milestone that we should all be proud of was achieving the second best safety performance in ten years, with an All Injury Frequency Rate of 0.58. This is a testament to the countless time and effort employees have put into effectively managing manual handling and ergonomic hazards.

Strong steps forward were made to improve environmental performance in 2014, with the execution of an environmental improvement project which saw a reduction in non-compliance events by almost half of 2013 occurrences.

Outside of the operation, the year also saw continued success within the local community. In particularly, the Rio Tinto Alcan Community Fund’s flagship Here for Childcare and Here for Health initiatives continued to have a positive impact on local healthcare and childcare services. I trust that the benefits these projects have brought to the region will be felt by the workforce and the broader community for many years to come.

Within the operation, improvement to mud farming capability at the Residue Management Area (RMA) was another significant milestone in 2014. The recovery of 25 per cent of the area has significantly reduced business risk and capital expenditure by increasing the forecast lifetime of the dam to support operations.

A broader strategy has been developed to achieve the production target of 3.4 million sustainable tonne-rates in 2015. This strategy is built around recovering the residual life of the refinery, enhancing the capability of employees, and executing a number of design modifications.

Above all else, safety will remain our number one priority in 2015, and our goal is to ensure all employees go home at the end of each shift without injury or illness to themselves or the environment.

I am excited about the direction of the business in 2015, and know that we have the right people on board to work as one united team to stay safe, protect the environment, and continue to be a trusted neighbour.

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